"Did you call for me ma'am?". "Yes. Come in Ayesha". The principal ushered me into her office. Hema ma'am was a middle aged lady, probably in her late thirties. She was little on the plump side and of medium height. She was pretty ruthless and strict about her work, and had a dominating character. “Its been a long time since we had a quality time together”, she said, smiling mischievously at me. I gave a shy smile back. 

Oh! Don’t blush sweetheart. Come closer”, she said. I came and stood beside her. She was seated behind her big office desk. She placed me between her and the desk. I rested my back on the desk and stood in front her, dying with excitement. She looked at me hungrily from top to bottom. I was wearing a fancy light pink see through sari with matching blouse and accessories. “I get wet every time I see you”, she said pulling my sari's pallu from my shoulder on to the floor. 

She ran her fingers over my bare stomach, fiddling with my waist chain. Her fingers rubbed my navel. “Your navel drives me crazy baby”, she said kissing my navel. Hema ma'am started kissing and licking my navel furiously. Her powerful hands squeezed my ass. Even over the dress I could feel the pain in my ass cheeks. My shyness had turned into excitement. My belly button felt wet with her saliva as her tongue played with it. My breathing was also getting harder. I felt powerless, as my body surrendered to her hold. Then she straightened up. 

She pulled my sari out from my hip knot and threw it on to the floor. I was in my underskirt and blouse now. She made me sit on the desk. She removed my sandals and placed my leg on either side of her chair. She started kissing my ankles. Rubbing my anklets with her hands, she started licking and sucking my toes. “Nice legs”, she said, as her tongue started to run higher to my knees. As she was kissing my one leg, her hand started to run up and down from my feet to the thigh under the skirt. I wanted her hand to reach higher between my legs. 

She got up suddenly and started kissing me straight on the lips. Her tongue began to search the inside of my mouth. Her hands were grappling for my breasts. Her feats had made my breasts hard and my nipples erect. Under her hands they were getting harder. I let out a small scream when I felt my breasts getting squeezed. She was starting to get rough. But I loved being dominated. So I lay back and enjoyed while her hands squeezed and pinched my breasts. 

They were literally trying to burst out through the blouse. With swift motions she removed my blouse and brassiere, and dropped it down. Instinctively I covered my naked breasts with my hands. She smiled and then slowly stretched out my hands. “What are you trying to cover up, my baby? I have already seen every inch of your body, top to bottom many times before”, she said, pulling me up from the desk and making me stand, facing her. 

Hema ma'am cupped up my breasts and started sucking them one by one. My nipples stood erect as her tongue teased and played with them. Her hands were literally crushing my breasts. I screamed in pain as she started to bite my nipples. Still kissing and sucking my breasts, she pulled me closer to her. Her hands untied my underskirt and it dropped to my feet. She lifted my legs one by one and got rid off my skirt. Now the only piece of cloth on my whole body was my panties. I knew that, it was not long before she will get rid of that too. 

I felt a chill run down my spine, as the thought of standing nude in front of her and letting her take over my body ran through my head. Her mouth and tongue were doing a good job on my breasts, as I felt my legs getting weaker, not able to control the excitement. My breathing was in short gasps now. I let out small moans of pleasure in between. Sweat was flowing down my inner thighs, as I was not able to handle the sensations running through my body. 

Still sucking and fondling my breasts with her mouth, her hands went around my back and started massaging my ass under the panties. She was playing the game real hard. My ass and my breasts were burning with pain. She was pulling apart my ass cheeks and crumpling them. Her hands went under my panties and grappled my ass. I felt sensations ripping my body apart, as I felt her hands on my bare ass. I sensed my pussy getting wet. 

I could feel droplets of fluid dripping out of my vagina lips and wetting the front of my panties. She now pushed me away and stood in front of me. Her eyes ran through my body. She smiled as she saw the wetness on the front of my panties. “You are already dripping wet darling”, she said, as she pulled down my panties and got rid of it from my body. I was completely nude now, except for my ornaments. I held down my gaze as her eyes ran through me. My hair was out of place. My face red with sweat and excitement. 

A small necklace was over my breasts, going up and down, in unison with my breasts, with the flow of my breath. My breasts were small, but were fully hard now with my nipples protruding from them. My hands were at my sides, with a bangle on each one of them. A thin waist chain ran around my naked belly. It was a little loose and was down at my hips. Below, a droplet of my fluid was clinging on to my pussy lips. My pink pussy was clean of any hair and was, small and tight. My legs were long and well shaped. I wore anklets on my feet. 

Except for these ornaments, I was stark naked and completely exposed. I must have been quite a sight, as I saw a pleased look on ma'am face as she scrutinized my body. She came and took me in her arms. She was too powerful for a woman. Hema ma'am laid me on the desk. She came over and stood facing my legs. She caught my legs and pulled me closer to her. She pushed my knees apart, spreading my legs. She placed my legs at the edge of the desk wide apart and pulled me closer. Then she pulled the chair closer to the desk and sat on it. 

Now I was lying on my back in such a position that I was on the edge of the desk, with my knees bent and my legs wide apart on either side. My pussy was wide open now and in full view for her. She leaned closer and held my legs in place with her hands. She kissed me just above the pussy. I gasped for air, as my body jittered with sensations. She started kissing around my pussy and my inner thighs. I knew she was teasing me. I could sense my fluids discharging from my vagina. 

She removed her hands from my legs and slowly spread opened my pussy lips. “You are dripping wet honey”, she laughed as more fluids dripped on to the desk. Suddenly the phone rang. Hema ma'am picked it up. “Yes....Ok. I will be there”. She replaced the receiver and turned to me. “I have to leave now, sweetheart. We will finish this later”, she smiled at me and walked out of the room. I lay stunned still breathing hard. 

I was sad and angry at the same time. How could she do that to me. I was all wet and horny, and she just walked out. I felt like I was used. Slowly I got up from the desk and drank some water from the jug. My clothes were spread all over the floor. My pussy was still dripping wet and I felt like killing myself. I took some tissue, and cleaned my thighs and pussy. I wore all my clothes back one by one. Still feeling dejected, I let myself out of the room 


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