sex in cousin home

Hi friends this was amazing incident that my darling sister told me that i need was difficult for me because everybody is there .because of marrige .the time of eleder cousin sister 's marrige . we make dance enjoy .and after taking food we enjoyed more .we tired too much on that time .night was so dark we all are sleeping on the roof .we all relative sleping on roof .i also sleeping with all cousin and bua.i felt so horny that time because one hand touching my cheeks and lips .i cought hand and see there is my cousin who touch me .i ask what happend she told me i need your cock .i was surprised how it can be happen,she pressed me and cought my pennis in my lower and push one finger in my ass .i was feel horny and kissed her.she told me come in groundfloor room .i went thr and i slept with some small cousin . she came and sleep with my side and start kissing me and pumping my shaft.she caught my hand trying to press bioobs i was excited but i felt too much fear in my heart .bcoz sisters were sleeping there.she opend my lower and down my undy.and put her nighty up.i touched her thighs and pussy ass (gand) and trying to finguring and sucking her boobs oi was so excited and trying to fuck her .i tried to fuck on that position but i was not she tried me come over on her and push my cock in her pussy .that time i pushed cock and puping her ,i was really horny and fucked only 7 minute my siemen is came out and she clean my shaft dic and kssing me whole night.


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